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Hidden Letters: Chapter Three

"Same old Abbie. I see. Losing your little boyfriend hasn’t changed you at all."

"He wasn’t my boyfriend. Why are you here, Brooklyn?"

"I’m here to mourn the death of poor Harry." She said sarcastically.

"You didn’t even go to his funeral. You don’t care that he’s gone."

"Duuh. I thought you were smarter than this, Abbie. I’m glad the little twat is dead." I forced myself forward again but Louis continued to hold me back.

"Why are you really here, Brooklyn?" Zayn asked, slightly annoyed.

"Did no one tell you? I’m co-writing One Direction’s new album. While I’m here, I just might have to take a certain someone for a little joy ride." She tossed her beach blonde weave over her shoulder and batted her plastic eyelashes at Zayn.

"Little slut," Lou breathed, making me laugh.

"Brooklyn. I’m done with you. I made that clear a long time ago." Zayn said. He was standing his ground, something he was never able to do with Brooklyn. I was proud of him.

"But Zayniepoo-"

"No! If you didn’t talk about Harry the way you do, if you were nice to Abbie, if you weren’t such a whore, if you weren’t you, I still wouldn’t even consider dating you again. Just leave!"

Yep, still proud.

"Fine, but you know what? I’m not giving up my position on this album. I’m going to make my time here a living hell for you. I’ll make it so hard for you to live." She said, attempting to sound threatening.

"Your already making it difficult to live." Lou started. Brooklyn began to beam. "Your head is hogging all of the air." Brooklyn’s smile quickly faded and she turned for the door. Louis ran into the kitchen, grabbed the broom and chased after her.

"You forgot your broomstick!"

Oh Lou…


That night, Louis, Zayn and I had anticipated going out. We later decided against it and had picked up some Redbox movies and popcorn instead.

"You know, I’ve been thinking…" Zayn started.

"Oh my God. Everyone get ready for something deep." Lou teased. One thing that hadn’t changed was Louis’ sense of humor, and I was glad. Yeah, we didn’t see it as often but it came out every once in a while to lighten the mood.

"No. I’m serious. When Brooklyn was here, she said she was helping with the next album. But we haven’t decided whether or not we are going to continue as One Direction or not since Harry died. Do you think management is going to make us keep going?"

"I hope not. We already told them the answer is probably no." Louis answered.

The boys had been asked a few days after Harry’s death if they weren’t planning to continue as a group. They had explained that there is no One Direction without Harry. The boys were asked to think it over.

“I can’t imagine us being One Direction without Haz.” Zayn added.

"Well we can talk about this later. Right now let’s  watch some movies." I suggested. "Which did you get, Lou?"

"Zero Dark Thirty, Pitch Perfect, and Escape From Planet Earth."

"Lou, Escape From Planet Earth is a kids movie."

"It happens to be funny, Abbie."

"What’s Pitch Perfect?" Zayn asked.

Louis and I each gasped, although his was much more exaggerated than mine. “You’ve never seen Pitch Perfect?!” We asked simultaneously. Zayn just shook his head.

"Aca-scuse me?" I said.

"Aca-Believe it. " Lou responded, quoting Fat Amy.

Zayn cocked an eyebrow. Louis HI him onto the couch and made him sit.

"It’s movie time, Bitch." Louis screamed.

I went into the kitchen to make the popcorn and I found Niall making a pizza.

"Hey. Whatcha doin?" I asked sweetly.

Niall looked at the pizza, to me, them back to the pizza. “Wrestling crocodiles.” He said sarcastically.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny. I see you’re feeling better?"

"Well I thought about what you said. And you were right.  there was nothing I could have done to control what happened. Haz wouldn’t want to see me miserable like that. He liked the carefree me and I don’t think that I should stop being me because he’s gone."

"Good!" I beamed.

"Yeah. Did you go through his stuff yet?"

"Ugh. No. I can’t even go into his room without breaking down, let alone go through everything and deal with the flood of memories."

"I understand. Hey, remember that time we re-enacted the Herbal Essences commercial at the store?" Niall laughed at the thought…


"Abbie, Niall and I need shampoo. It’s just in the next isle,we will be right back." Harry told Louis. I followed Harry and Niall to the next isle. And I walked straight to the fruity and floral smells. Although, I was nineteen years old, I had never found a kind of shampoo that I stuck to. I always got something different. At this particular moment, I was debating between Aussie and Herbal Essences. When Niall and Harry had gotten their usual, they came over to me.

"Which should I get? Aussie or Herbal Essences?" I asked as if they cared.

"Well Aussie makes your hair super dooper silky." Niall mocked running his hand through his blonde hair and moving it down his body.

"But Herbal Essences has that cool commercial." Harry added. Niall nodded in agreement.

"Commercial? What commercial?" I asked, very confused

" The one with Kim Kardashian on the plane and-"

"Actually, I think it’s Nicole Scherzinger." Niall interrupted.

"I’m pretty sure it’s Kim Kardashian."

"Well, I’m I’m a hundred percent sure that it’s Nicole."

They continued to bicker. I rolled my eyes and pushed my hair out of my face.

"Does it really matter? " I asked

"I guess not. Anyway, she’s on this airplane and she goes to the bathroom and starts washing her hair." Niall explained.

"Then she’s all like ooh OOHHH!" Harry continued.

Niall and Harry kept going with the sex sounds, recreating the commercial I had never seen. People began to stare. I tried to get them to stop but they only got louder. I hid my face because I was sure my cheeks were red.

"Can the customers in isle 15 please stop making PG-13 noises, we are receiving complaints. Thank you!" We heard over the intercom.

Lou found us when we were rolling on the ground, laughing.

"My God, I can’t take you people anywhere…"

*Flashback Ends*

"Lou was so mad." I laughed.

"Some people’s bandmates."  Niall said, mocking Lou. "I know that was random but it was one I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. Gotta love pre-tour shopping."

The popcorn finished in the microwave and i got it out and poured it onto a large, plastic bowl.

"We are about to watch Pitch Perfect. Would you like to join us?"

"I’d love to. But Taylor should be here any minute. I told her I’d take her out since I’ve been in my room for the past three months."

As if on cue, Taylor bursts through the door and darts into the living room. Niall and I follow here. She was breathing like she had been running.

"Did…You…see this?" She painted, holding out a copy of ‘Us Weekly’ magazine.

We read the cover headline and our mouths dropped..

Hidden Letters: Chapter Two

The difference between Niall and Liam was that Niall still talked and came out of his room. Yeah, he spent ninety-five percent of his time in his room, but he still came out. I knocked on the door and waited.

"Come in." I heard from the other side. I opened the door and walked inside.

"I have food!" I chimed. Niall just gave me a sad smile.

"Thanks." He said taking the plate from my hand and taking a bit of pizza.

"How have you been?" I asked, rubbing my hand on his shoulder gently.

"Still feel guilty as hell."

"I’m going to tell you the same thing I told Liam. None of this is your fault. You tripped, you fell. You couldn’t have stopped yourself even if you had tried. None of us could have. Don’t beat yourself up about it."

"I know," he responded. "But its’ s hard not to. Liam probably would have been able to pull Haz back up if I hadn’t fallen on him. And then Liam wouldn’t feel guilty either. If it weren’t for me, Harry would still be here." The tears started rolling down his face and all I could do was hug him. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and squeezed. Normally, I was a very strong person, but when Niall cries, we all do.

"I let millions of people down. I killed their role model, hero, celebrity crush, and most of all I killed my brother. I’m scared to even look at Twitter because  of what people might be saying."

I was glad to hear that he hadn’t been on Twitter. Fan after fan, turning on Niall and Liam, blaming them for everything. No matter what Louis, Zayn and I did to try and stop it, the hate and accusations still flooded in.

"Niall, I can’t exactly say I know how you feel. Because  I don’t. But I do know that you can get through this. We all will. I’ll be here for you every step of the way. I will never leave your side and neither will the boys. Even Harry. He never would have wanted this for you."

"I know. But it haunts my dreams, Abbie. Every night  i have the same dream and it always ends with me on the edge of that platform screaming for Harry. Every night I wake up crying and screaming his name."

"Im so sorry Niall." I said, squeezing harder. "I wish  I could make it all go away."

"That means alot, Abbie." He said pulling away. " I needed to hear someone say that. I think that my main problem is that no one has really voiced that they care. I know they do, but no one’s said it.  I needed to have this talk, Abbie. Thank you."

"You know I’m always here if you need another one."

"I know." He offered me another smile, but this time it was different. There was a hint of genuine happiness to it. He pulled me into another hug. I felt his strong arms wrap around me and I could almost feel the longing he had for someone to care. Unfortunately, the only thing  I could do was hope he believed me when I said I would always be there for him.

After he let go, there was  a slight disappointment. Niall was one of those people you wanted to hug and never let go of.

"We are all downstairs if you want to join us."

" I’m good here for a while. Thanks."

I nodded and shut the door. In the hall, one again, I started crying. I never knew Niall was hurting so much. I felt guilty because all he wanted was for someone to tell him they cared and it took alot longer than it should have. I walked downstairs,almost tripping on the bottom step. Although, I caught myself, Zayn had grabbed my arm for support.


" No problem, kiddo."

The nickname made more tears threaten to fall. It was  nickname that all of the boys used for me, but Harry had been the first. Everything had been reminding me of Harry lately. To be honest, I was beginning to become fed up with it.

I gave Zayn a sad smile and walked over to the couch where Lou was scrolling through his Twitter news feed. I sat on the opposite end.

"How did it go?" Lou asked. Zayn had taken a seat on the recliner chair next to the couch. He leaned forward to join the conversation.

"Well, Liam still isn’t talking. He said all  but five words and it was only to ask me to leave." I responded.

"And Niall?" Zayn uttered hopefully.

"One thing is for sure. He feels guilty. Extremely guilty. And really alone. When US the last time you guys have talked to him?"

"I’m not exactly sure. But I know it’s been at least a week." Lou said. The shame in his tone was quite evident.

"No wonder he feels  the way he does. You two barely even talk to him let alone tell him you care."

"Woah, wish, wait. He knows we care. It’s not like we’ve neglected him for the passed three months."

"That’s where you’re wrong, Lou. He might know you care but you haven’t voiced it. That’s what he has been needing for so long. The fact that it took three months for him  to get the comfort he needs sickens me."

"Why is it all on us? You’ve been here too." Zayn said sharply.

"You don’t realize that that boy has lost two of his four brothers in a matter of months. Yes, Liam is still here and breathing but let’s face it, he might as well be dead! He needs to know that he still has you. For all of these years you have all said that he’s the baby. Even if Harry is younger, Niall was always the baby and still is! And the one time when the baby needs you most, you’ve chosen to assume he will pull through. You said yourself, Lou, if we’re going to get through this we need to stick together. Right now, both of you are a hundred miles ahead on the road to recovery and you’ve left Niall and Liam in the dust. Both of you at one point or another have said that you all have become brothers. Last time I checked,brothers don’t leave brothers in the dust. You should both be absolutely ashamed."

Blank expressions on both Louis’ and Zayn’s faces followed my verbal slap in the face. They knew I was right. Niall is fragile and they had neglected him without even knowing it.

"He needs you guys. You’re the last chance he had to pull through. Liam, too. Please just go and let them know that you are here for them. They need you."

"Of course." Zayn responded.

"I’m sorry. We never looked at it that way. You’re right. We should be there for Niall and Liam. It’s not fair to them if we aren’t them to help them like we helped ourselves. They lost Harry too. This isn’t a good time to be selfish." Lou continued.

"Beautifully said, Lewis." A female voice said from behind us.

Lou and I have Zayn a why-is-she-here look and he just shrugged.

"I thought she left the country? Remember we had that goodbye party and then went out for celebratory drinks?" Lou whispered.

"Well obviously she came back!" Zayn whispered back.

Ugh. With Harry gone and us still trying to cope with the loss, there was no way any of us were up for playing her stupid games.

"I thought you were in the states." I said, adding a bit of disgust in my time. I wanted to make sure she knew she wasn’t welcome.

"Well now that Harry is gone, I figured being around you people wouldn’t be such a nuisance. Seeing as the nuisance is dead. I wanted to see what it was like to visit without the oversized cockroach."

"The only cockroach around here is you." I snapped back.

"Learn to live with me. I’m going to be around a lot."

"If I have anything to do with it, you won’t be around to see tomorrow." I said taking a step forward. Lou grabbed my arm and have me a warning glare.

Filler chapter. Sorry its not that good. Message me what you think!:) Follow me for updates!!

"Not again." He mouthed.

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